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Allen Texas is a sister website of Allen Only coupons appear on Allen Texas While, Allen includes a complete description and more information about our advertising partners.

A User Survey conducted by Allen Online showed that when Allen residents searched the Internet for local coupons, they wanted quick access to the coupons. No navigating page after page, no advertising tricks designed to get you to sign up for a mailing list, and they especially did not like coupons from other cities mixed in with Allen coupons. With that information was designed.

Click on a business from an alphabetical list on our homepage and you get your coupon. Simple, easy and fast. Usually there are about 80-100 coupons. Unfortunately, this now fluctuates because of the Virus Pandemic as many small businesses are suffering or worse have closed permanently.

High Ranking on Google
Allen residents frequent our website earning us a very high Google ranking once you get past the high-priced paid ads. Go to Google and enter "Allen Texas coupons" or anything you might think a user looking for coupons in Allen might enter. We believe you will be impressed with our standing.

Go Eagles!
Like Allen, Allen Texas is a small business owned and operated by longtime Allen residents. Two generations of our family are AISD teachers and one has also been a City Ambassador for the Allen Chamber of Commerce.

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